Chemotherapy Side Effects

Called the King of Herbs or the Gift from God, the Chaga mushroom has been respected through Korea Russia, Eastern and Northern Europe, Northern USA, North Carolina mountains and Canada. Since the sixteenth century Chaga has been utilized in folk and botanical medicine through Eastern Europe. Chaga, A fungus grows on trunks of trees in cold climates. The name Chaga originates. With regard translates into Cancer polypore in Norway Chaga to alleged properties and its overall look. Use of Chaga in medicine dates back 1000’s of years where locals inhaled Chaga, from the mountain area of Siberia drank Chaga tea daily and used it.

With time its popularity spread into the west of Eastern Europe’s Urai Mountains and Baltic regions. The International Society for Mushroom Science indicate Products of mushrooms as a source of nutrient supplements, in their article, which mushrooms may be helpful because nutraceuticals – food or food products which offer wellness and medical advantages. Research indicates mushrooms, mycelia, cultivated molds and lichens may have anti inflammatory properties, and antiviral, anti-microbial antihyperglycemic, cardioprotective. Mushrooms are categorized into two species: expressed or edible. The extraction process is essential to create at least a few of the elements bioavailable, that’s the extent your system may utilizes a nutritional supplement.

Like all natural materials, whole cows have a lot of variability in quality and benefit. Single chemicals may have intense responses and with that, undesirable adverse effects. Nutriceuticals, that are expressed products, occupy that a middle ground between these extremes and have been shown to be very useful. Nevertheless, to obtain a good quality and dependable product is of paramount importance. Researchers from Japan and China have studied anti inflammatory properties of the polysaccharides found in a few mushrooms, such as Chaga, and found those effects comparable to chemotherapy and radiation, only without adverse effects. Among the numerous valuable properties in Chaga, the polysaccharides have demonstrated to possess strong anti inflammatory and immune balancing properties which might stimulate those body to produce natural killer cells.

Back in 1958 researchers from Finland and Russia found Chaga might offer anticancer benefits for breast, liver uterus and gastric cancers in addition to provide use in high blood pressure and diabetes. The Russian newspaper Vestnik Dermatologii i Venerologii reported from 1973 about those advantages of Chaga extract for psoriasis. David Winston a herbalist and ethnobotanist with almost forty years of training from Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal traditions, indicates Chaga is the strongest anticancer medical mushroom available. In 1968 Russian Nobel Prize winner Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about the medical utilization of Chaga from his semi autobiographical novel Cancer Ward in which he describes his experience from a hospital from Tashkent.